Our Courses

Our courses are designed to introduce you to the world of cannabis business and the first steps to cannabis cultivation as well as to guide you through all the steps of setting up successful cannabis cultivation and business in Thailand.

Why Take Our Courses?

Extensive Curriculum

Our 6-hour long online courses cover topics from what to look for in high quality seeds to when do you know your buds are ready.

Experienced Instructors

Our curriculum is developed by both local and international master growers that have over 30 years of combined experience in cannabis horticulture.

Real Scenarios

Our footage is taken live from Taratera’s own seedbank.

Great Investment

Helps you understand the business opportunities associate with cannabis in Thailand.

Support Licensing

Takes you through all the legal steps and processes in acquiring permit for cultivation and investments, making your licensing procedure as easy as possible.

Provide Cultivation

Accesses to the alumni network administrated by Taratera’s cultivation experts, giving you direct line to consultation and feedback as well as information among fellow cultivators.

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